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Chain Sizes - specs
Chain Size Pitch Inner Width - roller
415 1/2    3/16
420 1/2    1/4
428 1/2    5/16
520 5/8    1/4
525 5/8    5/16
530 5/8    3/8
630 3/4    3/8
219 .306    .183
#40 1/2    5/16
#35 3/8    3/16
#25 1/4    1/8
8mm 8mm
10mm 10mm

Chain 'pitch' is the distance from pin to pin, and width is "inner width", the width of the roller, that's what matters to fit the appropriate sprocket. The total width of the chain is a variable depending on the thickness of the sideplates and if the chain has O-rings or X-rings. An x-ring 530 chain is close to an inch wide although the spec is 3/8 of an inch for inner width. 

Standards organizations (such as ANSI) maintain standards for design, dimensions of chains. The ANSI designated chain sizes are as follows: first digit of the the chain size designates the pitch. This is measured by how many eigths. The 4 in #40, 420, etc means the teeth are four eighths inch, 1/2. A 5 means 5 eighths pitch and a 6 means six eighths or 3/4". The second and third digits are the roller width. Sprockets will just be a shade more narrow than the chain. A #50 chain IS a 530 chain.

Most commonly, there are always exceptions, kid size dirt bikes are generally a 420 or 428 chain, your 65's and 85's. Mopeds seem to like 415. Larger dirt bikes, dual sports and ATV's are generally a 520 chain. Street bikes more commonly are a 530, smaller displacements may use 525.

Though Hans Renold is credited with inventing the roller chain in 1880, sketches by Leonardo da Vinci in the 16th century show a chain with a roller bearing.


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